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    ASR ARS Assn. Org        

This is a Free Web Site.                   Please put up with the pop ups.            We took down the Paid website due to the lack of interest. 
Welcome!   The ASR/ARS Association covers areas of diving interest for all our shipmates who served on all U.S. Navy diving ships.   All hands and divers alike that served a common goal onboard diving ships and shore facilities but is not limited to ASR's, ARS's.

REUNION 2005 April, Photos by Jim Noble &  Frank De La Oliva

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                                   "Men of Honor!"


                   Biography of Bobby G. Hodges BMC (DV)USN Ret.    RIP


petreldivers.jpg (75170 bytes) USSPetrel (ASR -14 )                                   
bTibute to Jim Hazelwood, MDV, SEAL,    R.I.P.

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