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I have a couple of pics of 2 of the boats I served on, which you would be
welcome to. Funny how it worked back then, I had 4 kids, and couldn't afford
a camera, or much of anything else either. I'm sure you recall that we
didn't make near the money they do today. My kid made more money for sea
pay, than I did as EM2(SS). And he didn't hot bunk or stand port and
starboard watches!

Stories? Well yeah, we all have stories. My problem is that they are getting
pretty dim, and everything is beginning to run together. You know, things
like which boat was that on?, which ocean were we in?, who did what to
whom?, etc.
 I recall picking an aircrew out of the sea, but can't recall which boat, or
when. All I remember is that they wanted off that stinkin' submarine at the
earliest possible time. Hell NO!......they weren't interested in going to
Bermuda with us, get us OFFA here! Buncha pussies!

I remember getting a practice ASROC stuck in our sail, during fleet
exercises with some tin cans, but don't remember the details, except that it
hit our main induction, and caused some flooding in the boat.

I remember operating with Enterprise in the Med, in 64, and landing a smoke
flare on their flight deck. We were supposed to fire a flare when our
Skipper had reached a torpedo firing solution. He tracked them, got inside
their air cover, outwitted their destroyer escorts and the Skipper got a
good shot at them. So we fired the flare, the wind caught it and it landed
on their airplane floor. Guess that pissed 'em off! We got reassigned that
same night.

Another thing I remember was when our Cap'n made full Commander. We got the
word when we pulled in to St. Thomas, V.I. We were tied up across the pier
from some Gator boat, full of Jarheads. CO came up the forward room hatch,
decked out in full dress whites, with sword, going to some big shit meeting
with other ranking officers. His crew met him topside, and promptly threw
his ass over the side. A congratulatory ceremony for us "bubbleheads", and
the Skipper accepted it as such. Never lost his composure and even managed
to throw his hat back on deck before he hit the water. Seems the duty
officer up on the gator boat, saw this happen, and sent a squad of Marines
over to help the Skipper control his mutinying crew. We had the skipper back
on board by the time they got there, and he was some kinda pissed. Not at
us, but at the skimmer duty officer. He explained it real plain to the
ensign that he didn't need any #^$(()6$@^* help. He was having a party with
his crew, and get his $#%%^%$&* Jarheads off our boat!!

As I recall, I was on a boat in company with Thresher, when she went down,
in 63. We were her surface contact, and our sonarman is the one who
initially made the call she was in trouble. Details of that are real hazy.
The SO was a guy named Paul Waters. He is mentioned in the book Blind Man's
Bluff, as a Chief Sonarman. He was SO2 when I knew him.

I'm sure there's other stories that come up, but like I said, it's getting
hard to sort them out. I recently visited with some of the guys I served
with, and our wives got sea sick, or tired of the smell of BS, maybe. But we
had a great time reminiscing the old days. Your Sec/Treas, Charley Micele,
is an old friend and shipmate, from USS Corporal. He was one of the guys

I'll try to attach pix to this e-mail, but please Doc, bear in mind that I
am the original Cro-Magnon man when computers are the subject. I have a
lengthy download of pictures of an Australian Mk 48 torpedo attack
(practice) on an old ship. Are you interested?


PS, did you go in to Cuba?


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From: Erasmo "Doc" Riojas [mailto:elticitl@mi-vida-loca.com]
Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2001 10:24
To: Machen,Robert C
Subject: Re: thank you

do you have any pictures or stories from your diving ship history to
contribute to the web site?

visiit it again at:

thank you very much   doc rio
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From: "Machen,Robert C" <rmachen@mwdh2o.com>
To: "'Erasmo "Doc" Riojas'" <elticitl@mi-vida-loca.com>
Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2001 12:12 PM
Subject: RE: thank you

> Sorry, didn't make the association. Navy Seal eh? My respects, Sir!
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Erasmo "Doc" Riojas [mailto:elticitl@mi-vida-loca.com]
> Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2001 10:02
> To: Machen,Robert C
> Subject: Re: thank you
> you must be having a senior citizen moment.
> Bob, you signed the ASR-ARS Assn  guest book.
> I am the webmaster for the asrarsassn.org
> erasmo  doc riojas
> go to:  www.mi-vida-loca.com
> and see about me.
> doc riojas  class 4/55 DSDS  i am also a Navy (SEAL) usn Retired.
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> From: "Machen,Robert C" <rmachen@mwdh2o.com>
> To: "'Erasmo "Doc" Riojas'" <elticitl@mi-vida-loca.com>
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> Subject: RE: thank you
> > Could you take a minute to identify yourself, and what your background
> > Thanks,
> > Bob
> >
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> > From: Erasmo "Doc" Riojas [mailto:elticitl@mi-vida-loca.com]
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> > Subject: thank you
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > R. Machen,  you wanna share some of your navy experiences?     I'll post
> them
> > on the web site maybe some of your old buddies will see it and respond
> > you.
> > thank you,  spread the word about the web site.
> > tu amigo
> >
> > doc riojas
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Erasmo "Doc" Riojas
> >
> > Et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus
> nostris.
> > Et ne nos
> >  inducas in temptationem sed libera nos a malo. Quoniam ubi est regnum
> > potestas
> > el gloria in saecula regnum et  potestas et gloria.
> >
> >
> > "glorior quantum proeliator"
> > www.mi-vida-loca.com

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I got this from John Luke, please put it on the web site.        Chuck Micele    Sec-Treas.

Congratulations to Jim Donahue,Chuck and all the bar tenders who made the San Diego Reunion a huge success. It was a huge party and all of us attending owe a vote of gratitude to the committee for the hard work they provided.

Chuck you need to put out an ALL HANDS to let everyone who did not attend that the missed a good reunion and  welcome them to Reno.

The attachment is some trivia that may amuse some of those attending the reunion. It comes from an article in the NEW LONDON EVENING DAY. How I saved it is beyond me.
Can any one recognize any of those younger pups in the article. The plane connections to VA. BCH. were hectic. I had a lay over in DALLAS/FT.Worth for 2 days and had to make the best of what Irving Texas had to offer with a little help from American Air Lines.

I hope all have recovered from the reunion.
Regards  JOHN LUKE                                                Chuck, where is the article?

"ASR-ARS   Guestbook" has been signed.

Name: Joe Frederickson                    Email Address: svatus@pe.net

Served on Safeguard (ARS-25) 1963-1965, SA to SM3.
Check out that site at military.com and be sure to visit National Association of Fleet Tug Sailors at nafts.com.

June 1, 2001

Hyrum "Hank" Mullikin and his son visited us here in Pearland. We went to Matamoros Tamps, MX to see a dentist friend of mine so they could have prostesis.hanktooth.jpg (82966 bytes)   If you don't believe me, email Mullikin yourself.

On the way down to Brownsville TX Hank told me the following sea story. I was relieved on the USS Skylark (ASR-20) by Chief "Doc" Paul Heckert so I knew "Frenchy" and the noise that came from the engine room adjecent to the goat locker’s bunk space.

One night while underway, the Chiefs were in that racks ready to sleep. A very loud noise was coming thru the bulkhead that started as a very crescendo high frequency whistle which terminated with an extremely loud "Bang!" Loud enough to wake the dead. This noise repeated itself about every 5 to 10 minutes.

Frenchy Gillmetter GMC (DV), was a short "cajun" sailor about 4 feet 12 inches tall. He had that very noticable cajun french accent, and a very short fuse. "Frenchy" shouts , " did you guys hear that sound?" Paul said , "no." Hyrum , Ernie Reed, and the other CPO’s said, "no."

Frenchy said, "you did not hear that sound?" Immediately after he said that , the sound occurred again. French said, "there, there it happened again, did you guys hear it?" Everyone said, "no we did not hear anything." Frenchy insisted that he was not crazy that a loud sound was coming into the bunk space thru the bulkhead. The guys told frency to be quiet and go to sleep.

Again, the noise. Frenchy exploeded, " I can not stand that sound! It is driving me crazy!" You guys hear it? Every body said that they could not hear anything at all and for him to be quiet so they could sleep.

Frenchy grabbed his pillow and a blanket and headed out of the goat locker.      This is no shit!

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A Seastory by Jack F. Brown (First Class Diver)

October 20, 2000

This is no doo-doo.

In 1950, the USS Pirate and the USS Pledge both minesweeper with steel hulls struck mines during their sweeping ooperations in Wonson Harbor Korea. They both sank in about 170 feet of water.

The USS Conserver got orders to go dive on the two ships and totally destroy them as they sat on the bottom of the ocean. The USS Concerver did not have on board divers qualified to dive to those depths. Jack Yarbrough and I were flown from San Diego CA to do the diving jobs.

We received 16 tons of C-2 and C-4 and we dove and placed every pound of it on the two ships. The USS Missouri was dispatched to give support fire while we were diving to place the demolition on the Pirate and the Pledge.

At 170 feet, we felt the effects of the "Mighty MO's" 16 inch gun blasted. The vibration thru the water rattled my head around inside my MV diving helmet. This make it difficult to concentrate on the job.

We set timers and by the time the speed boat returned us to the USS Conserver, the ships were blown up. Later we inspected the site of the sunken minesweepers and the area looked like a metallic junkyard.

Jack and I were also on a salvage job of an LST in Korea by the USS Conserver.

Story was told to Doc RIojas at the ASR-ARS Assn Reunion year 2000 at Panama Beach, FL.

A Seastory by Jack F. Brown (First Class Diver)


s_doceldred.jpg (3851 bytes) s_bell02.jpg (3226 bytes) s_bell01.jpg (3410 bytes) klick on photos to enlarge. s_bakahachi.gif (13088 bytes) Thank you Willy, USS COUCAL (ASR-8) Keep the photos coming. doc riojas Doc,

I couldn't send all these at one time so I will send them one at a time. I hope you can use them, I have a few more but it has been so long ago I might not be able to identify them. I also have a bunch from the Greenlet if I can find them. Do you want some more?

Willy Reuter Baka Hatchi ASR-8

Thank you Willy for this great loggo of the Baka Hatchi.


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s_reuterfn.jpg (3915 bytes) s_japbends.jpg (6512 bytes) Doc Riojas& Japanese diver after a Table IVs_japan.jpg (9119 bytes)
December 2, 2000


Delete my personal letter and put this on the ASR site if you want, maybe somebody will read it and get some help.

In 1970 I almost lost my career because of booze and in 1972 I was the 18th person to be sent to the Navy Alcohol Rehabilitation Program here on the east coast. After staying sober for awhile I received a set of orders [I had requested] to the same Alcohol Rehabilitation Center here in Norfolk and became a counselor. That has been my second career and I have been doing it since then.

When I learned that alcoholism was an illness [disease] and that it was treatable, wow, I really could quit drinking and still live, I didn't think it was possible, Until that time. I could and did quit, but I could never stay quit for long and of course it got worse and worse Until I got help. Once I was able to stay stopped I decided that what I wanted to do was help others with drinking problems, God knows there are a lot of us.

I met and married a gal here, and have lived in Chesapeake Va. since 1975 when I retired. Life has been really good to me even with the setbacks, I attribute it to AA and a God who for reasons unknown loves me, He has sure pulled me out of some tough shit and keeps on doing it.

In 1983 I bought a new 33ft Cape Dory masthead sloop and my wife and I were going to sail around the world starting in 1990 and we made vigorous plans for seven years and then poor health put a stop to that. I sold the boat a couple of years ago. It was like parting with a loved one.

I spend a lot of time in my shop [woodworking] I also went back to riding motor cycles [when I got out of the Navy] My wife and I and one of our niece nephew [married couple] buddies rode from Maryland to Kentucky all the way on the Blue Ridge Mountains a couple years before I got sick, I also rode to Connecticut [where my nephew and niece live several times and of course everywhere else when the weather was nice, but bikes have gone there way too, still have one old baby left, I don't ride it but I still love it.

I'll ask my wife if you can put the picture of her sitting on it on the site. That is if you think it goes there.

s_janebike.jpg (6018 bytes) Jane on my bike.s_wileycollage.jpg (5294 bytes) Jane, Me, my bike, my sailboat.

I have bragged about my escapades through the years and some of the good things included you, so I thought I'd share a little of my own life and maybe some other onlookers will do the same too.

Until next time,

Willy Reuter

P.S. Do you remember letting me help give shots on the USS COUCAL (ASR-8) fantail before our first WESTPAC cruise? Some of the guys let me do it.

Chuck Micele and Doc Riojas

Al Moore, StewBurner USS SKYLARK (ASR-20)

Doc :

I sent both the links you sent to our web master he should have them on within a couple days he's a state trooper in OK. and stays pretty busy...

Did you no Lt. Trane who was KIA with team 2..I met him and his team a couple times while I was stationed at the Inshore Undersea Warfare Group 1 out of Vung Tau it was a base overlooking Vung Tau harbor had a Aussie EOD team station there.....

My NOTE: Yes, Lt. Trane(SP) and I were in ST-2. He died at an Army Hospital. I head they gave him the wrong type blood.


will send the photo tomorrow also have a couple good ones of the Skylark...Will have our web master post your web site to our site as a link

if this okay with you.. was a member of the ASR/ARS assoc but let my dues laspe I belong to so many things but will renew hell whats another one.. Have sent The American Sailor application with this message

..hope you enjoy it.

s_asr20.jpg (820 bytes)

s_sanjuan.jpg (1373 bytes)

s_ASR-20.jpg (922 bytes)

allphotos/s_AlbertMooreCS2.jpg (757 bytes)

s_2asr20.jpg (757 bytes)

LT. Master Diver and also snake eater.

(snake eater) web site Home

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a_redman.gif (2453 bytes)Fraternal Order UWSS Key West Y2K Reunion a_redman.gif (2453 bytes)
Panam Beach FL May 19-21

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elticitl @mi-vida-loca.com(not a link)
email me with the errors you may find

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1c-diver.jpg (3590 bytes) divemo.jpg (1602 bytes) The U. S. Navy Divers' Locker ASR / ARS Assn.

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EMails from YOU!

April 08,2001
Name: Jim Stahl
Email Address: stahlmarine@sprynet.com
IP Address: (May not be obtainable)
Served aboard the USS Skylark ASR 20 1954 - 1958.
Jim Stahl (DV)

November 15, 2000

I was on Coucal ASR-8 1953/1957 and Greenlet ASR-10 early 60's Somwhere in there I was on the Nerius.

Damnedest thing I ever thought I would ever see. I remember lots of fun stuff we did together especially in Japan. I remember drinking rusty 190 in 1/2 pint can in your sick bay [that is if BMC Warren didn't get it first]

I would really like to shoot the shit a bit if you remember me, I think I was a MR3 when I was stationed with you. Did you relieve McWright or visa versa? It has been so long ago I can't remember everything but, I SURE REMEMBER SOME HIGHLIGHTS! What good old days.

Willy Reuter

Tuesday, March 13, 2001 9:35 AM Subject: USS Current ARS-22 > Hello, > > Just found your diving web site. Very interesting. > I just completed a web site for USS Current. Can you add my site to your > web site. > > http://www.geocities.com/jimvasko_94555/index.htm > > > Regards, > > Jim Vasko >

from: I lost his name and email! sorry.

About the U.S. Navy Divers. the books that I read helped me through the
tough times in School. My faverite was ON THE BOTTOM/ by cdr Edward Ellsberg
USN Salvage Boat USN FALCON.

Again Thanks Navy

Hi, I'm MMC(SS)SEL Danny Hager, is there a contact
point of email or a mailing address that I can mail Rudy Boesch
the Masterchief a congratulations? I think he did
good for the Navy, and any man that can put up with
45 years is tuff as nails...
another bubblehead
he just proves how tuff you guys really arer

Danny Hager

Enjoying your web page, and all the pic's. Sorry about you're wife, I lost
my wife Karen age 52 to cancer 5/23/00. So with my spare time at night I surf
the web. Got the chance to watch a udt team out of Subic work,in Vietnam on
an extended operation in the summer of 64 before the Bay of Tokin. We were on
the Uss.Epping
Forest LSD4. Started in the South and went up the coast to Da Nang. I think
the frog's went over and hit the bar's in their swim trunk's, but that was
just a rumor, they did have a funny looking speedboat with teeth painted on
the hull, in the well deck. But then you properly know all this. Good luck
hoot! BKENNIS@aol.com <>
Big Bill I.U.W.G1-12

USS Brewton FF-1086
Mr. Mike McCain 517-453-2227
ussbrewton@hotmail.com or mccain@avci.net
Reunion: 19-21 Apr. 2001, Harrah's, Las Vegas, NV
Click here for the USS Brewton Website.

Doc Riojas: Change of address and phone no. J.H. "Hoot" Andrews 5554 Petaca Rd. Las Vegas, NV, 89122-3391 PH: (702)435-0775 Haven't got the compputer set up as yet. Will advise. Mi Hermano, HOOT

Name: Jim Pastore

Email Address: neohiocop1@aol.com

Website URL: http://www.angelfire.com/oh3/neohiocop Website Title: NEOhioCop


Great site. I served on the USS Sunbird ASR-15 from 02/74 to 11/75 in New London Ct. I have such great memories and have been looking for old shipmates for the past 4 years on the net. Until just a few day's ago I was unable to locate anything on ASR's or ARS's. I'm going to send you a few pictures of the Sunbird, maybe you can use them on the website. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you at the reunion either this year or next.


Hello Guys,

The hard suit 2000 is a product of ours here at STOLT where I work.
Last year I had the privelage and was the only one they could get to do the job, we installed a fibre web system to 3 platforms using the SUIT. 978' , 875' , 770' The jobs were a sucess but we lost financially because the jobs were bid way to low.
Here in the not to far away future I will again be given the very great privelage of doing it again, WHY ME???????
Ive got great pics and know how and why if yall ever want to b/s about it or any thing else!

Your Bro Roger-Roger SMITH (SEAL)

Roger: Contratulations! A.Dee Clark and I would like to get together at your house and see all your stuff. I got questions that I'd like to ask you. tu amigo, doc Riojas

Who is DiverDan? you guys know him? I need a picture of Paul Heckert, he was a CDR? tu amigo doc rio

paul heckert was a hmc at the time. he retired from edu pc fla as a hmcm(dv). he still lives in pc. you will meet him at the asr/ars reunion. captain dan is dan turner who was a civilian craft master who ran the salvage operation of a/d. he now lives in new fernandina beach fla where the statue also lives. i visit dan every other year when attending the master diver reunion.

while stationed at quonset point, RI nas diving locker in 1962. i continued jumping for the next 15 years. while at nsds wash i made 500 + for free at pax river. jumped while on skylark 64-66, tringa 66-67, kittiwake 67-69, nsds 69-72, kittiwake 72-76. during my 67-69 kittiwake tour i was a jumpmaster at suffolk. i put a gal out on her first jump who latter became my wife and still is. i finished up my jump games with 1102 jumps earning uspa gold wings # 711. feel free to correct any of my ramblings. i hold no sensitive pride of authorship. in spikefish if you could please change B.F. MORSE to D.F. MORSE Thank you Denny

Thank you Denny, will change your initials ma~nana. Rio

Paul Heckert was the HMC when I was onboard 63-66 we had a CS1 named Hopkins he left and we had a CS1 Lick he left then I took the galley as a CS2 and had it for over a year made CS1 and was transfered to the USS Benwah APB-35 Flag Ship TF-117 out of Dong Tam. I no Denny Morse real well he and Doc Heckert,Jim Nobel, Hiram Mulikin and a few others Ton Moss was the XO Louie Two relived him.. She was a good ship with a damn good crew when were you onboard..

I'll be in CA sometime in the near future and would like to see Fred he was always a nice guy.. I was sending him a MRFA newsletter but the last two I sent came back so I guessed he had moved....any info given would be appreiated...how's your FL. reunion coming along if you see Doc Paul Heckert tell hirt Moore said Hi Jim Nobel as well. I was a CS2 on the Skylark with them I was getting ready to get out of the Navy my enlistment had expired I wanted to reenlist on the west coast..

Doc and Jim got me drunk at the CPO club and the next thing I knew I was looking at 6 more years hell I was to drunk to piss in the bottle and Doc did that for me.. what a crew...I did finnaly get back to the west coast but it was all spent with the MRF in the Delta 2-67 / 10-70 .. Albert Moore mrfa@abts.net MRFA is the Mobile Riverine Force Association www.mrfa.org

Subject: Re: andrea doria

Thanks for the info. It has been 30 years since I saw Bob Schwarze and maybe >I misunderstood his comments about the Andrea Doria. Would like to read or >find out all of the particulars about open circuit at the depth that the A/D >was at. > >Have a good day ! >Holly Houfek >Tampa, Fl.

Bo'sun holly,
nsds trained and qualified divers to 300 on air and 400 on heo2. the fleet routinely requaled on air and he at 200ft. the reason for this was the time involved to requal 30 divers on asr , 4 dives every 6 mons. the asr people were very comfortable at 200 ft on air. we had no mental problems with deep air and in fact considered it routine.
all the east coast asrs shared the ongoing job in ft laurderdale of recovering test sub/asroc missles from 200+ on air. we would usually hit the bottom in 20-30 seconds, this was before dv med off and navsea ( essentially 2 groups of parasitic nondivers ) decided we could not do many things even though we had been doing them for many years. S4 or F4 sunk in 315 ft off hawii in 1915. divers on air had no problems salving it.
the previous was of course all hard hat. during the search for the h-bomb at palmares tringa divers dove to 190 ( no d limit ) almost daily. arss dove deep scuba for years because they did not have adequate air for hard hat deep air.
mt morris dam, a unit of nots pasadena dove regular decomp dives in scuba to 200+. the point is that deep air scuba is not a problem for properly trained and acclimated divers. however it is not for all divers and there are many who have no business over 100ft. in the 60s and 70s we masters acclimated our divers for deep air by numerous chamber runs enroute to the mission. this worked very well and the divers felt comfortable at deep air depths. navsea, dmo, shore duty/tender officers were scared of these dives because they were non divers or non deep divers.
slowly but surely deep diving got lost. twa 800 was a good example of this. the majority of the people in volved were not ready for depths 70ft shallower than earlier asr routine requals. eod routinely work 200 this day. the eod efforts to demine the persian gulf were done from rubber rafts ( can not moor vessles containing metal over magnetic mines ) using only scuba. a good friend of mine was mdv on that job if you need more info hope this helps,
e-mail if you want more
denny morse dencor@inteliport.com
Origional message from: Hhoufek@aol.com

The American Sailor sent in by Albert Moore (USS SKYLARK-ASR-20)

kbars2.gif (1582 bytes)


My name is Robert Don Carter I was on the USS Norton Sound AVM-1 from 11-01-58 untill 06-09-62. I went to the USS Orion AS-18 12-01-64 untill 01-01-66, went to second class diving school at the barge @ D&S piers Norfolk. First class diving school @ DC. Transfered to the USS Skylark ASR-20 01-01-66 untill 01-01-68. Class "C" welding school @ San Diego. I would like to hear from any divers out there especially any one that remembers me.

http://sites.netscape.net/robertdoncarter/homepage rcarter@mail.tds.net

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please send me photos for this page. thank you

email them to: Webmaster



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There are three corpsmen and one Hospital Corps WO-4 Mr. Harper

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